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Questions 21 -35

Read this text about an Italian car company.

Choose the best word to fi71 each gap.

For each question(21 -35) mark one letter (A ,B ,C or D) on your Answer Sheet.

One answer has been given as an example.

Gianni Agnelli ,Chairman of Fiat , Italy’s largest private industrial corporation ,is known in Italy as the lawyer ,because he trained in law at Turin University. ____example____he has never practiced , his training may soon be useful. On April 17th Mr. Agnelli admitted to a group of Italian industrialists in Venice ____21____ Fiat had been ____22 ____ in some corruptions in Italy. On April 21st, Fiat’s lawyers and Cesare Romiti , its managing director , met Milan magistrates to ____ 23 ____ the firm’s involvement in bribery to win business from state-owned companies.

Fiat is not the ____24____ Italian company caught up in Italy’s increasing Political corruption scandal. According to the latest figure ,some 200 businessmen and politicians were sitting in prison ____25 ____ a result of judicial inquiries into kickbacks paid to politicians by firms. Hundreds more are still____26____influence of Fiat, ____27____sales are equal to 4/00 of Italy’s home product ,the scandal at the company has ____28____the industrial establishment.

Though neither Mr. Agnelli____29____Mr. Romiti has been ____30____ of wrongdoing, several other senior Fiat managers have allegedly been involved in paying kickbacks to win state-owned contracts ____31____ arrested include Francesco Mattiol , Fiat’s finance director , and Antonio Moscon , the ____32____ head of its Toro insurance branch____ 33____men have been ____.34____about their previous roles on the board of Cogefar-Impresit, Fiat’s construction subsidiary. Last May, Enzo Papi admitted paying a 1.5 million-dollar bribe for a contract , ____ 35 ____ to Milan’s underground.

21. A what B that C when D if

22. A involved B connected C related D done

23. A talk B say C speak D discuss

24. A one B single C worst D only

25. A as B for C with D after

26. A in B under C at D on

27. A who B which C whose D its

28. A rocked B ruined C damaged D destroyed

29. A or B also C and D nor

30. A accused B charged C criticized D blamed

31. A Who B Those C He D That

32. A old B former C late D last

33.A Either B All C Every D Both

34. A solved B answered C questioned D replied

35. A contracted B related C connected D communicated

参考答案:21. B 22. A 23.D 24. D 25. A 26.B 27.C 28. A 29.D






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